Hello! My name is Eric! I have always dreamed of going on great adventures, and since I like all kinds of animals, I’d like to go see the ocean reptiles known as the iguanas on the Galapagos Islands.” 

From Mr. Tony:

Eric represents determination and a keen sense of adventure. I wanted to include him in my adventures to show children and their families through storytelling that, no matter the perceived obstacles, you can accomplish the impossible!


“Hi! My name is Faith! One of my dreams is to become an astronaut because planets and stars are amazing to me. I love butterflies and birds as well. I believe that we must take care of our planet we call Earth so we can enjoy it for generations.”

From Mr. Tony:

All too often we tell girls in our society what they should become and what they cannot do. This is not my position whatsoever; we need to encourage all of our children in their pursuits and ambitions. Our job as positive role models is to help our children thrive and reach for the stars.


“Hello! My name is Leon. Some of my favorite hobbies and interests are swimming and studying ants—I even have an ant colony in my bedroom! I love the idea of going on trips to discover the world and meet different people and places.”

From Mr. Tony:

Leon wants to go out into the world and share his experiences; this is what we all need to do and Leon represents this idea. For, without interacting with others outside our comfort zones and cloistered communities, we can’t grow and learn from each other.


“Hello! My name is Fatima. I live in Cairo, Egypt, where my brother, Amir, and I run a stall at the marketplace. We sell fruits and vegetables and meet people from all over the world. Amir is also a guide for people from other countries to see and experience the many ancient sites in Egypt. My interests are reading, gardening, and planning to travel the world to meet other fun people one day!”

From Mr. Tony:

Fatima represents the brave young people ready to take on bold new adventures, to explore her world and share her experiences. This series is all about encouraging and embracing our differences and forging strong bonds with each other, and realizing that our differences are not weaknesses but, in fact, our strengths.