My personal story is long and complex, a life full of dramatic ups and downs, triumphs and epic disappointments. I decided to take those, what I call ingredients of a life, and use them to create who I am now, a man built on life’s lessons. I am an African American male and a teacher at the early elementary level, but a teacher to all ages. I graduated in 2017 from SUNY at Empire State College with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development. I decided to return to school after years of exploring and excavating the meaning of life—or my idea of it anyway. I have always been an academic with bold ideas and ambitions. My book is not just a book; it is a project to help usher in a new era of visuals for young people to help them see themselves in a positive light and engaging narratives. I am no longer settling for children’s books, visuals or schools that are not inclusive and nurturing in their dialogue when teaching. My premise is to have characters and story lines that will included a diverse global framework; this will also include children with physical challenges as well—children who have, for far too long, been left out of the collective narrative of learning and mainstream inclusion.